Lomography Petzval Portrait Lens


Lomography has announced its newest product, the Petzval portrait lens. Designed for Canon and Nikon SLR cameras, this 85mm f/2.2 lens has an angle of view of 30 degrees, close-focus distance of 1m, a 67mm filter thread, multi-coated lens elements – and a totally unique bokeh that is said to be “impossible to reproduce with any filters or computer programs”. The recreation of the original Petzval lens – which was invented in 1840 by the Hungarian engineer and mathematician József Petzvál – is funded through a Kickstarter project. Those who donate $300 or more

Website: The Lomography Petzval Portrait Lens on Kickstarter

Lomography Press Release

Invented in 1840, Reloaded in 2013 by Lomography and Zenit: The New Petzval (D)SLR Art Lens

The Comeback of the Year: the first and greatest portrait glas lens of all times, reinvented & reengineered for your nowadays Canon and Nikon (D)SLR Cameras!

Character matters: extreme sharp, fine and crispy, strong colour saturation, tasty swirly bokeh effect, artful vignetting, large aperture/narrow depth of field

A totally distinctive look of photos: play the moment with manual focusing, depth of field, swirley effects and other Petzval lens specialties – far beyond photoshop and any filters!

Zenit and Lomography engineers redrew, re-calculated and re-measured the original 1840 Petzval lens to make it work for your modern (D)SLR – cameras. With the same unique features as the original lens – swirly bokeh effect, sharpness, large aperture and high contrast – the new design will be compatible with analogue and digital cameras! The Petzval lens is available for pre-order exclusively on Kickstarter.com, a platform to fund product innovation ideas: http://www.lomography.com/kickstarter

With your funding you help us to bring back this fantastic lens for a whole new generation of photographers and film makers in the 21st century.


Re-create the original and amazing looking 175 year old swirly bokeh effect with your modern SLR camera! The lens made out of Russian glass has a large f2.2 aperture, narrow depth of field, field curvature, with an extremely high resolution in the focus area, making the objects in focus crisp and sharp, while elements out of focus get blurry and swirl away like it was never seen before. While the original lens was only optimized for black and white photography, the new Petzval  lens is a high quality multi coated lens to ensure great performance in nowadays colour analogue and digital cameras!

Filters go home! The Petzval’s sharp and blurry distinctive swirly bokeh effect is impossible to reproduce with any filters or computer programs. Furthermore the lens has great features such as high colour saturation and contrast as well as a large aperture, close to large format photography! And as the Petzval lens is compatible with all Nikon F and Canon EF mount analogue and digital SLR cameras, you can now get the unique Petzval look on film, pixel images and even video! Say goodbye to complicated post-production retouching!

See photos taken with the first working prototype of our New Petzval Lens on the Petzval Microsite: http://microsites.lomography.com/petzval-lens/


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